What treatment is best for you?

At Skin Esthetique, we are about helping you renew confidence by providing an innovative, safe and personalized solution to a variety of skin problems like acne, acne scars, pigmentation, premature ageing. Our estheticians are highly trained, experienced and committed to helping you achieve your dream skin.


Our massage do not only target your muscle and nerves but also promise an improvement with your skin condition

Chemical Peel

Exfoliate and renew the skin on different levels which gives excellent result. We will be glad to work with you


 Our treatment is personalised to meet your specific skin concerns after an expert skin examination and consultation.

Acne and Acne Scar

After an expert skin examination and consultation. We employ the best method of treatment to achieve the best result.


Skin diseases such as acne may leave dark spots after the condition clears, we involve the best hands to revive your flawless skin

Targeted Facials

These treatments use well formulated highly potent ingredient from the best skincare brand around the world

Skin Rejuvenation

 Our esteem is a major player in how and what we feel about yourself. Allow us to bring your skin to life and help you glow

Body Enhancement

Motivation sometimes lies in the confidence that comes with your body. Together we can achieve this.

Scar and Keloid

They’re most commonly found on the shoulders, earlobes and cheeks. However, keloids can affect any part of the body.

Spa Party

Our spa party is a way to bond with your BFF or celebrate yourself with the people most special to you.

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