WV2 8076 Beautiful Skin, Confident You. We deliver professional solutions to a variety of skin
problems at the comfort of your space.
skin consult Each skin consultation and examination is the basis
on which all recommendation or treatment is planned
which is a personalized solution tailored to your skin
and lifestyle needs.
Skin Consultation Learn More
WV2 7996 We are proud to have built a tribe of hundreds of women
with healthy glowing skin, we will be honoured to come
to your space and together we change your story.
Chemical Peel Learn More
170525115821 microcurrent facial explainer super tease Whether you are trying to relax, speed up
wound heeling, manage pains, improve strenght...
we have a treatment that is right for you.
Electrotheraphy Learn More
WV2 8031 At Skin Esthetique, we understand how
challenging it can be to live with acne scars
and we are here to help!!!
Acne And Acne Scar Learn More
WV2 8059 This is a very important part of the human well-being
as it is connected to our esteem, a major player on how
and what we feel about ourself. Allow us to bring your
skin to life and help you glow.
Skin Rejuvenation Learn More
IMG 20190307 WA0043 Are you fed up with the post-breakout pigmentation
that haunts your clear-skinned days? We've got
what it takes to make your skin flawless
Hyperpigmentation Learn More
WV2 7961 The purifying facial is targeted towards problem skin
like acne. This treatment incorporates gentle cleansing,
exfoliating, antiseptic and oil-controlling properties to
help prevent and treat any problem skin.
Targeted Facials Learn More
massage Massages like any of our other treatments is done after a
thorough consultation after which an appropriate blend of
oil is carefully selected that does not only sooth your tired
muscles but also meet your specific skin need
Massage Learn More
scar and keloid These can occur as you heal from a skin laceration, big or small.
Thankfully we have technologies to treat scars, and there are
many coordinating modalities to lessen the appearance of scars.
Scar and Keloid treatment Learn More
custom – 3 At Skin Esthetique, we encourage clients to luxuriate
when and where they wish. which means we can
observe your desire treatment in your desired space.
Mobile Spa Learn More
custom – 4 We are always honored to share such a special time with
our clients. we can design a Bridal Package and any other
spa event to meet your individual needs and budget
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custom – 5 Skin Esthetique is proudly the sole distributor of RegimA
skin treatments in Nigeria. This range of products are
formulated to target and treat pigmentation, acne,
acne scarring, keloid, stretch mark, fine lines and wrinkles.
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Welcome to Skin Esthetique

We deliver professional solutions to a variety of skin problems at the comfort of your space. Our aim is to consistently deliver the safest and most result oriented skin treatments to your door step that is personalized for your skin need and lifestyle.

Our sole focus is to help Africans find solution to their skin problem using the safest and most effective medical and technological innovation possible in skin care.

Before Treatment

At Skin Esthetique, we carefully study the skin condition before we commence treatment, this guarantee the best effective result.

After Treatment

We are professional, result oriented and certified esthetician. We take pride in our results.

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